Thursday, April 15, 2010


Back in early December I went to a truely magical place by the name of Supo which is located in the province of Abra, the Western border of Mountain Province.The 7 hour trip was filled with excitement, sing-a-longs, rough roads, and good friends. There were about 30 of us in all, consisting mostly of clergy and diocesan development staff members. As we were nearing Supo, we came to a river. But quickly did we realize that there was no bridge to cross! Before I had time to ponder how we might get to the other side, they were loading the car onto a homemade raft of canoes, scaffolding, and bamboo shoots, which was to ferry us to the other side! Although I had doubts, we made it. So did the car. We were greeted in Supo with open arms. The people were so warm and light-hearted. They cooked the most delicious foods for us, and for the first time I tasted eel, of which there are plenty in nearby rivers. Throughout the day we went around to bless the church projects that have recently been established in Supo including: gardens, greenhouses, and a fresh water system for the community. While church projects in Supo are plenteous, as of this time, there is no Episcopal Church building in Supo, for lack of funds. As evening set in, the people of Supo put on performances at the elementary school of song and dance in native and modern style. It was a wonderful celebration! At night the young men hung hammocks high in the trees and slept together as if they were the lost boys of Never Never Land. The old men slept around the camp fire, and I joined the young ladies on the love-worn wood floor within the safety of their home. Never before have I seen a community of people work so collaboratively with one another while exuding such joy, love, and mutual respect. If only our larger society worked together in the way that the people of Supo do. The world would surely be a better place!
Melanie West Goes…Supo

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