Thursday, April 15, 2010


Well, I never thought that I would be going to prom again, and I never thought I would be going as a teacher! But sure enough, being a teacher at St. James Episcopal High School, I was asked to help chaperone the junior senior prom last month. It was a much different experience than our prom back in the states. First off, there was actually a promenade. Each boy was pared with a girl as they walked across the school yard and presented each other to the audience. As they proceeded to the gymnasium, they showed off their neatly-polished dance steps of ballroom and cha cha, unlike the usual bump and grind of our school dances.It was wholesome and orderly, each song chosen with care and purpose. I crowned Mr. Valentine and was even asked to dance by one of my third-year students during the gentlemen’s choice dance. Brave kid! It was all wrapped up by 9pm and the students were escorted home by their parents and teachers.
Melanie West Goes…Prom

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