Thursday, September 3, 2009

Medical Mission

Last week we had some visitors from the U.S. and Canada who set up a medical mission here at the covered gym in downtown Kin-iway. There was free medical care for all and so all were there. No one worked that day just waited in long lines to get their eyes checked, teeth pulled, and free check-ups too.This man is the chief of the council of elders of Besao. He made that hat himself.This is the line of people waiting to have their teeth pulled. Dental hygiene is very bad here in the Philippines, so many people's teeth rot away or need to be pulled.Sit down here in this chair, and let me give you a shot to numb your mouth.Lean your head against the concrete wall, it will only hurt for a second.Wallah! No more teeth! You can wipe your bloody hands on the wall... Next!-Melanie West Goes...Medical Mission.

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