Thursday, September 3, 2009


August 30th was my 23rd Birthday and I celebrated here in Kin-iway. Here in the Philippines, if it is your birthday, you do the work. You throw the party, cook the meal, etc. So, I invited all of my neighbors over and baked the cake mix that my mom and dad sent from the U.S. It was devil's food with chocolate icing and sprinkles! They loved it!I asked Roland what he was doing with his hand to which he replied, "Manange Melanie, I am being handsome!"Top Row from the left: Padi Brent Quinnes, Brett Hearthorn, Salude, Sylvia (Erin on lap), Nancy Longatan, Padi Danie Longatanl, Brenda (holding Adrian), and Fadila.
Bottom Row from the left: Rodel, Precious, Roland George (all children of Fadila), and Cresencia Dongalen (Auntie).-Melanie West Goes...Birthday.

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