Saturday, August 15, 2009


I want to introduce you all to some of the other parishioners of my church, St. Benedict's, in Kin-iway. This is a photo is of the senior E.C.W. (Episcopal Church Women) group. My Auntie is in the middle row on the far left-hand side. The women are wearing their traditional clothing called a tapis. These women are the most honored and well-respected members of our community.These are a few of the male parishioners of St. Benedicts. Second from the left is the Rector of St. Benedicts, Brent Quinnes. Third from the left is the Mayor of Besao, Wellingtone Pooten. Fifth from the right is the Senior Warden of St. Benedicts, Ronald Padalla. -Melanie West Goes...Parishioners.

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