Saturday, August 15, 2009


I took a day trip with the Bishop to another Municipality called Kalinga in a village named Butbut. People here live very simple lives, with no modern housing, no indoor plumbing, and minimal electricity. They live off of the land, and occasionally engage in tribal warfare with nearby villages.
Community structure is very different in Butbut, as the people here operate as a whole community, and not as individual families. This structure is especially prevalent at meal times when the men eat separately from the women and children.Wild pigs and water buffalo roam around in the village and are only eaten on very special occasions.
This one-room house is typical of the housing style in Kalinga, and is how the people of Kin-iway lived about a hundred years ago. The woman who owns this home took me inside where she was cooking with an open fire and drying her rice above by way of the rising heat and smoke from the fire. Before the rice is dried it is called pa lay.The Anglican Church is spreading Christianity to Kalinga. While I was in Butbut, the Bishop blessed this Church as St. Luke’s and confirmed about 20 young people! Our church is alive and growing here in the mountains. -Melanie West Goes...Butbut

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